Israel’s Supreme Court Rejects Appeals of Murderers in 2014 Terror Attack


The Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the appeals of three Jewish men convicted of murdering an Palestinian teenager, Muhammad Abu Khdeir, in 2014, upholding their convictions and respective sentences.

The two minors’ appeals attempted to show that they had agreed to kidnap and beat Abu Khdeir, but did not know that the ringleader intended to kill him. The two minors received sentences of life in prison, and 21 years in prison, respectively.





  1. Only idiots would join an israeli army bent on destroying Torah values. Arabs are freed by the hundreds who murder Jews. No chareidi should join the army. The foolish knitted kippah crowd got kicked out like stray dogs from their homes in gush Katif and still go to the slaughter for the fat cat politicians.

  2. Did anyone think that the tar left supreme court will rule in favor of a chareidi vs. an arab They lost their appeal before they started.

  3. These “three Jewish men convicted of murdering an Palestinian teenager” are no doubt 100% innocent and only sitting in jail to appease the Arabs. Sad how the Shin Bet can destroy Jews for their own selfish reasons.

  4. Everybody knows this was an inside job as 2 Palestinian families were having a serious feud. This kid was murdered because of his proclivities.

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