Israel’s Security Agencies Hold Emergency Meeting As Earthquakes Rock North


Israel’s security establishments called an emergency meeting Monday on earthquake preparedness and response, as an uptick in seismic activity in the region sparked concern over a larger quake striking imminently.

An earthquake of 3.2 magnitude struck Monday evening, another in a series of minor quakes in recent days in Israel’s northern Galilee region, which have triggered several evacuations. Experts estimate a large one may be on its way in the near future. Israel is situated along the Syrian-African fault line which runs along the border between Israel and Jordan.

The meeting Monday was initiated by the Defense Ministry with the security establishment and the National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), the army’s Home Front Command, police, firefighters, the Magen David Adom ambulance service and municipal authorities.

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  1. Well maybe they should cancel the upcoming yearly parade at the end of July in Jerusalem. Major earthquakes have occurred in Israel centuries ago. Don’t think everything will be smooth sailing if you rebel against Heaven with these parades in the major cities.

  2. Maybe they should just consider not trying to destroy yiddeshkeit and they won’t need emergency meetings over earthquakes

  3. we’re talking here about a bunch of koifrim who don’t believe in ‘yesh din vyesh dayan’

    When they started to promote chillul shabbos, they got the Intifada as their payment…
    and now they are busy destroying kedushas Yerushalayim with the reform at the kosel and the toi’eivah chevrah
    .. it’s the earthquakes…

    Do you think they will ever learn?


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