Israel’s Most Popular Names


Israel’s Bureau of Statistics reported that according to its latest information, the most popular name for newborn boys is Noam. For girls, the most popular name is Tamar, pushing Noa to second place.

The most common names for newborn boys are Noam, Dovid, Uri, Ariel, Yosef, Eitan, Doniel, Iti, Yehonoson and Moshe. Among girls the most popular are Tamar, Noa, Avigayil, Maya, Yael, Edel, Shira, Sarah, Ayalah and Talya.

Most usual among mothers are the names Michal, Rochel and Sarah. Among grandmothers, Esther, Rochel and Sarah took pride of place.

The most common name among fathers and grandfathers is Moshe.

{ Israel}



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