Israel’s Leaders Mourn Rav Elyashiv’s Passing


rav-elyashivPrime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu expressed deep sorrow over the passing of Rav Shalom Yosef Elyashiv.

“In his decisions, Rav Elyashiv left a deep mark on the hareidi world and on the entire Nation of Israel,” the prime minister said in a statement.

“In his Torah scholarship and teachings the rabbi showed the way to many, who were empowered by his wisdom and the astuteness of his thinking. The rabbi’s path was one of love of Torah and love of one’s fellow man, of modesty and safeguarding the sanctity of life.”

“The Nation of Israel lost a great rabbi today; a sharp, strong decisor and a wise man, a shliach tzibbur [“emissary of the public” before G-d] who faithfully represented Torah values and knowledge, and the spirit of giving. We are pained by his loss.”

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said: “Today is a difficult day for the Jewish people. A great man of his generation and a leader has departed from us today – a man who raised the Torah world from the ashes after the European Holocaust and raised tens of thousands of students.”

President Shimon Peres issued a statement as well:

“We have lost a distinguished man, a halakhic decisor and a great man, a Torah genius who has left a mark on the Jewish world and contributed to the bridge between the various streams in the Jewish people.”

“Rav Elyashiv was a modest visionary, a talmid-chacham and man of G-d.

“The rabbi’s image will be remembered as a person whose spirit and mind remained strong, and who continued to study the depths of Torah, even when his body had weakened.”

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, city councilors and municipality management expressed their deep sorrow over the passing of Rav Elyashiv, whom they called “a Jerusalemite and the greatest spiritual leader in the Torah world.”

“Rav Elyashiv, a great leader and the posek hador [decisor of the generation], served as a dayan (rabbinical judge) and teacher of halakha for many years and raised thousands of students who pass on his heritage for generations,” a statement issued by Barkat’s bureau read. “Rav Elyashiv’s figure has greatly influenced Jerusalem’s status and his passing is a great loss for Jerusalem and the Nation of Israel.”

“In his unique approach, Rav Elyashiv ztz”l succeeded in leading tens of thousands, with public responsibility and commitment to all parts of the nation and the Israeli populace, in understanding and a love of Israel.”

“Jerusalem sends condolences to his sons, the rabbis, and all of his family members, to his thousands of students in Jerusalem, in the Land of Israel and in the entire world.”


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  1. In the end, we are all Jews, and recognize a Gadol, and mourn his passing, no matter the commitment to observance. May R’ Elyashiv Zt’l be a Melitz Yosher for all in K’lal Yisrael

  2. oh I am in deep pain. I’ve been crying all day. I can’t believe lost such a giant. He was the leader in every aspect of Haluchu. So many have felt his loss. Even the Amei Haratzim knew that he is a great man.


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