Israel’s King David One Of World’s ‘Iconic Hotels’


yerushalayim-king-david-hotelYerushalayim’s King David Hotel has been named by Fodor’s as one of the top 100 hotels in the world for 2011 and one of the top 12 “iconic hotels”, the Dan Hotels chain was informed recently.

Fodor’s is one of the biggest publishers of English-language travel and tourism information, producing guide books for destinations and hotels across the world.

It has some 700 researchers and experts, and every year ranks the world’s top 100 hotels in eight different categories.

The iconic hotels category, called “Grande Dame”, includes hotels with unusual history and service. Among the hotels awarded this title are Baur au Lac Zurich, Switzerland; Breakers Palm Beach, Florida; Carlyle, New York City; Hotel de Russie, Rome; Hay-Adams Washington, DC; Villa D’Este, Lake Como; La Mamounia, Marrakesh; and The Savoy London, England.

The King David Hotel, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World chain, has 233 rooms, including 42 special luxury rooms and suites, a presidential suite and a royal suite.

{Ynet/ Newscenter}


  1. The kashrus at that hotel is not up to Charedi standards. I have checked several times when attempting to find places for out of town visitors and I believe the hotel personnel told me it is Rabbanut. Unfortunately most of the guests at that hotel are non-Jews from abroad, or people from Reform or Conservative “temples”.

    It is sad to see none of the hotels in Yerushalayim have top-tier hashgacha. B”H Yerushalayim and Eretz Yisroel have no shortage of qualified mashgichim. People shouldn’t have to accept kulos or chas vesholom sveikas to be able to stay in a hotel in the Holy Land and especially not the Holy City. Too bad the hotel management is not willing to spend a few shekels on insuring impeccable kashrus to the highest standards. That would be worth more than all the luxury.

  2. ***”The kashrus at that hotel is not up to Charedi standards.”***

    So don’t eat there and don’t stay there. No one is twisting your arm and forcing you to do either.

  3. there are many hotels with either a good hashgakha or a good mashgiakh or both. check up on the plaza and king solomon and david’s citadel. I have seen rather important rabbonim eating at all three. the inbal / laromme has rabbanut mehadrin for shabbat meals as well,


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