Israel’s High Court Gives State 30 Days to Explain Why Women Can’t Read Torah at Kosel


Yesterday, Israel’s High Court gave the government one month to offer and explanation for why it has not accommodated the Women of the Wall and Reform and Conservative Jews who wish to daven and read from the Torah at the Kosel.

At the Supreme Court hearing, judges ruled that women should no longer be subjected to intense body searches when entering the Kosel Plaza, such as searching them for smuggled Sifrei Torah.

In recent months, there has been heightened security at the entrances of the Kosel because of the provocative “prayer services” organized monthly by Women of the Wall.

The court wrote in their decision that “it is the responsibility of the rov in charge of the Kosel to prevent searches on the women who have petitioned and on others like them beyond the regular security checks conducted on all those who come to the Kosel.”

The decision by the High Court gives the respondents – the Western Wall Heritage Foundation, the Ministry for Religious Services, and the director-general of the Prime Minister’s office – 30 days to explain why the petitioners cannot pray as they wish in the women’s section, or in another section of the Kosel Plaza.

IRAC’s Executive Director, Anat Hoffman, one of the leaders of the controversial movement that wishes to change the status quo at the Kosel, said about the ruling: “Today the Court said loud and clear that the Government of Israel must be courageous and move forward with the struggle for equality at the Western Wall and for pluralism in Israel. The judges were a voice of sanity that will hopefully allow this situation to resolve itself peacefully. They have also given hope to all girls and women who simply want to read Torah without harassment at Judaism’s holiest site.”

May Hashem continue to watch over the sanctity of the Kosel.



  1. But jews can’t daven on Har habayas because it Wil cause incitement… besides halachic problems
    This will incite too… beside halachic problems

  2. Judges would absolutely hate, and rightfully so, for laymen to mix into legal proceedings- opining and defining. These same justices are nothing more than lay people, when it comes to halacha, if that.
    Ultra liberal or reactionist conservative, it doesn’t matter. Leave the halacha to rabbonim, and busy yourselves with legal matters.

  3. It is obvious to those who are willing to see it, that this group is not interested in
    praying but are interesting in challenging and destroying the status quo.
    They are truly OFF THE WALL and they should be given space to pray as they
    wish- somewhere deep in Gaza

  4. Since when is the Supreme Court a poisek on the dinim of yahadus??? This is in the jurisdiction of the rabbonim – shomrei torah….

  5. We don’t pray because we want to, we pray because we have a Mitzvah to. These Reshayim are fighting Hallacha, they only want to anger Hashem! Moshiach is about to come and the forces of Tumah are fighting desperately to gain their last bit destruction in Hashem’s pure world.

  6. We seek to destroy the kedusha at the makom hamikdash, and then we wonder why the world and UN won’t recognize our rights to daven there….

  7. It says in Proverbs 3:17 “Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.” Provocative actions which one knows will cause others great consternation and which will lead to quarrels and strife, are not the paths to peace the Torah demands of us. All paths must lead to peace; even the one going down to the Kotel.


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