Israel’s Government In Turmoil As Moetzes Rejects Draft Conscription Bill


The prospect of snap elections in Israel grew closer on Sunday after the Moetzes Gedolei Yisroel flatly rejected compromise legislation aimed at healing a gaping rift in the ruling coalition.

Netanyahu was ensconced in back-to-back meetings with Liberman, UTJ chief Yaakov Litzman and Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon late Sunday to slash a path through the crisis, which has sprouted from the ongoing controversy over the giyus. The Moetzes is hoping to force legislation that would give protect yeshiva bochurim from the having to enlist into the army.

On Sunday senior coalition members accused Netanyahu of letting the crisis drag on in order to force an election. Polls suggest he could remain prime minister and his Likud party could win the most seats in fresh elections despite a barrage of police investigations into suspected corruption.


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      • It could very well be argued that if we took a more aggressive approach against the leftist hijacking of societal norms, the left would be too busy defending, and would not be able to impose the current gezeira. I am not even addressing the spiritual side of things, were we fight not for our narrow community, but for the Kovod H in the entire creation, hence fighting militant toeiva, would be a battle well chosen.

    • Both, the draft law of religious boys and girls being forced into an immoral anti-Torah G-dless military, as well as the toeva parades are against Heaven’s honor. So what exactly are you talking about?

  1. maskim. don’t q the gedolim, and keep your mouth shut and at least write ur name if ur fighting the gedolim(korach didn’t hide his name)


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