Israel’s First Female Ultra-Orthodox Pilot Will Fly Netanyahu To Greece


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Wednesday evening flight to a summit in Greece will be piloted by Israel’s first ever female Charedi first officer.

Nehama Spiegel Novak, recently qualified as a first officer at the national flag carrier El Al, will navigate a chartered Boeing 737 from Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport to the Greek city of Thessaloniki, where the Prime Minister is attending an Israel-Greece-Cyprus summit.

Novak put herself through flight school in Israel and the United States and was accepted into the El Al course in and began flying just in 2017.

A mother of four children, Novak is married and lives in an Yerushalayim. Read more at i24News.



  1. They let a pilot with less than a year’s experience fly the prime minister????

    methinks there is an agenda here….

  2. Really a nice story, hatzlochich to her and her family.
    Wondering if she thought regarding yichud with a Co pilot in a closed cabin for the duration of the flight

  3. Why “ultra-orthodox” and not “chareidi”. Almost invariably, when ultra-orthodox is used, it is used pejoratively.

  4. Its about time we see more healthy hopeful jews from orthodox backgrounds achieving wealth and value in the marketplace. There is no reason that Hashem can not be honored in a human society.

      • Humor me a bit, chap. Wealth is defined as humor, value, choice and also of course monetary demand. If the woman is an orthodox jew and she is the pilot, her wealth is her courtesy and good faith in Torah Values and G-d. She will bear our wit in the workforce and she will have value to bring home wealth in cash and pay to bring about a new generation perhaps of youth in our faith.

        Any salary is good and any degree of workplace acceptance of the jew is always humane. The devil does not let us work.

  5. When her Shidduch was made her parents offered full support. The boys family didn’t realize it meant air support.

  6. Are we supposed to broadcast this?
    If she was instructed by her family’s
    Rabbanim to be a pilot
    then it should be with
    Hatznei’a Leches

  7. i withdraw my earlier comment,she is the wife of an ex resident of Antwerp,who i know is a genuinly frum family.Hatslocho to her.


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