Israel’s Bloomberg? Litzman Fights Junk Food


As part of a months’ long campaign against junk-food, Health Minister Yaakov Litzman, who recently polled as one of Israel’s most influential people over the past year, said that his latest objective is to strike sugared cocoa from children’s diets.

“We will advise not to give children cocoa with sugar,” he told Channel 10. “I have held back until now but already informed companies that I intend to do this so that they can get used to special production without sugar. Children in the next summer camps will not be drinking cocoa with sugar.”

“I think that regarding the issue of juvenile obesity we are among the worst in the world and this must improve,” he said. “Not everyone likes what I’m doing.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Fantastic Rav Litzman, keep it up.
    There is no awareness of nutrition in this country and people are getting sicker and sicker. Why don’t people look around and see the obesity, among children as well as adults, the pot bellies and the limping, sluggish walking of the adults, the kids stuffing themselves all day with bags of salty, oily, sugary treats, the junk they give out at gan, etc. So many cases of diabetes, heart attacks, the “machala”, auto-immune diseases, like never before.
    How about teaching health in schools, more gym classes, etc.
    Thank you Rav Litzman. Fear not.

  2. We will advise not to give children cocoa with sugar

    Great idea. Hope he encourages them to exercise as well.

    Bloomberg on the other end only harassed certain unhealthy foods while he boasted about his own experience smoking pot. What a hypocrite bully.

  3. He is head of the Health ministry – not a silly corporate mogul who back-stabbed people a la מציצה בפה. Bloomy could care less about the populace!


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