Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport to Undergo $1.4 Billion Expansion Amid Tourism Surge


The Israel Airports Authority announced Monday that it plans to significantly expand Ben-Gurion Airport during the next five years in a $1.43 billion project.

The upgrade was initiated as a result of an increased number of passengers traveling through the airport, which serves as the primary international gateway in and out of the Jewish state.

Since the beginning of 2017, Ben-Gurion Airport — located on the periphery of Tel Aviv — has seen an 18-percent increase in international passenger turnover, with the 20 millionth passenger of the year arriving this week, according to the Airports Authority.

The Airports Authority forecasted that 30 million passengers will travel through Ben-Gurion Airport during the next five years.

Among the various elements in the airport’s expansion are 86 new check-in counters and stations for self check-in, six screening machines in the airport’s security zone, eight passenger boarding bridges, two shuttle gates, and other modifications designed to accommodate additional aircraft.

Since Israel signed the Open Skies agreement with the European Union in 2012, which has brought more flights to and from European countries at reduced prices, traffic at Ben-Gurion Airport has increased significantly.

Tourism to Israel has reached an all-time high in 2017, with the country receiving its record-setting 3 millionth tourist in a single year this November.




  1. Suggestion: for 1.4billion, do nothing to the bldg and instead hand each passenger a water bottle and snack, hire more baggage handlers for quick disbursement of luggage and provide free or subsidized comfortable and safe transport from airport to major cities. You’ll maintain or increase the desired tourist numbers at better numbers that way.

    • When was the last time that you visited Israel?
      Almost always, I have little waiting time for my luggage.
      Do you know about the train station at the airport basement, that connects with most major cities in Israel?
      Do you know about the busses to Yerushalayim and other cities that leave from the second floor?
      Do you know about the taxi services that operate as you leave the terminal?


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