Israelis, Palestinians “Celebrate Coexistence” in West Bank Sukkah

A year after a similar event landed four Palestinians in a Palestinian Authority jail, over 30 Palestinians joined dozens of Israelis as guests at the sukkah of Efrat mayor Oded Revivi “to celebrate coexistence,” Times of Israel reports.

The Palestinian participants were not identified in order to protect them from any backlash by PA authorities. They were described in a press release as “local Palestinian leaders from half a dozen local cities and towns.”
The event included music from a joint Muslim-Jewish musical group, and was attended by IDF Brig. Gen. Nir Aran, head of the Judea and Samaria Division, and Efrat Chief Rabbi Shlomo Riskin. Revivi called the Palestinian participants “heroes,” saying, “I salute your bravery for coming here today…after the outrageous Palestinian Authority arrests last year. We cannot allow those who prefer separation over coexistence to prevail. We must continue to break down the imaginary walls that separate us and continue to build bridges between our two communities.”
{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why wasn’t there a representation from the neturie karta?! They’re the ones who truly love the Palestinians. They can’t share the limelight with Riskin?

  2. They are cranky but as long as they do not sleep there, there is no real halachaic dilemma I think.

    Still, if Ishmael wants to visit the jewish people in Israel, he should book a ticket. His home is not in the jewish land.


    • to anontmous 10/15 1:23 pm
      and what about ‘vayisarvu bagoyim v’yilmedu mimasayhem” and of course there was mixing….what kedushas yom tov this brings, huh/

      • We should hope no arabs in the sukkah. Our neshama is not young glee for their golden hard will made tactical, but if they visit and want a look, I think that is Halachaic trust we should clearly include. Am I wrong? Your concept in hebrew I can not yet say I am familiar.

        Help on more halacha.



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