Israeli Zoo: Chareidim Pay More Than Chilonim


Are you chareidi? In a few days’ time, tens of thousands of chareidi families in Israel will leave for vacations, and many of them can be expected to face blatant discrimination, which they will feel in their pockets.

The zoo in Rishon Letzion, which has become popular in the chareidi sector since it recently began keeping Shabbos, is apparently interested in keeping chareidim out. Otherwise, it is not possible to understand the outrageous conduct of the zoo.

When you ask the zoo secretary for the price of entering the zoo, one of the first questions that you are asked is: “Are you chareidi?”

The fixed price for everyone is NIS 15 per child, but for chareidim, the price is no less than NIS 35.

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  1. So in the jewish state the jewish chareidim pay more then double then gentile chilonim for the same service. A jewish state discriminates against jews.

  2. they could just say : i’m just ah poshite yid, but how did this occur? who relized it? what, if anything, is the govt doing? are they going to return their ill gotten gains or sre they just going to raise the privce for anything? how dare they ask such a question in the first place?

  3. Totally insane!! Boycott the zoo. Tell them you’re a chiloni dressed up as a Chareidi and you’re just testing them to see how they treat Chareidim.

  4. From a local review of the zoo, June 2018 (
    “Entrance fee currently stands on 47 NIS per person and 25 NIS per Rishon residents.

    I think that 47 NIS is a high price for Hai Kef at Rishon zoo (you’re not getting value for money). At almost the same price (50) you can visit Jerusalem zoo and at a little higher price you can visit Safari. Thus, only when I saw coupon offer (25 NIS per person) I decided to purchase tickets.”

    and another: “A zoo and an equal price”
    Jun 9, 2018
    Enjoyed a highly recommended family trip, we booked tickets at the Koponofesh site at 50% off and you will register at Google Fun Fun Koponofesh and save money …

    So, prices are listed; maybe one family used coupons and the other didn’t?

  5. Where on earth do you get your info from?!

    The Rishon L’ziyon zoo still shows Shabbos hours on their website. Their prices also have nothing to do with either 15 or 35 NIS – as you can see here:

    They are significantly cheaper if you’re a Rishon resident, but many similar attractions are that way.

    Besides, I agree with Zalman, a recreational facility in Israel that keeps Shabbos is unfortunately a rarity, and it wouldn’t be in order to discriminate against Chareidim. I would venture a guess that there was another key question that is not being reported, perhaps she asked when they want to come “ie. Are you Chareidi? Are you coming during Bein Hazemanim? ”

    Silly reporting, someone should be calling to verify before writing things like this! (If it wasn’t 11pm, I would pick up the phone and call myself!)

  6. Given today’s mixed up world, perhaps we should just say we’re chareidim but we identify as chilonim. Do you think they’ll fall for it?

  7. Given today’s mixed up world, perhaps we should just say we’re chareidim but we identify as chilonim. Or should that be chilonim who identify as chareidim? Either way, do you think they’ll fall for it?

  8. FAKE NEWS. This is what happens when “new sites” do nothing more than recycle news from other sites without doing any research. They offer a price of 15 for groups of 25 children or more regardless of religion. There is also a frum group that rents out the place for frum people and they charge 35. Of anyhing they are discriminating against the non-charedim. It’s bad enough that the society around us is plagued with this victim mentality. Why do we need to be mushpa from such bad midos?


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