Israeli Yated Condemns “Insane Act” Of Mosque Arson In Northern Israel


yated-israelThe Israeli Yated Ne’eman Wednesday condemned the arsonists who torched the mosque in the village of Tuba-Zangariya and said the din of rodef applied to them, meaning it is permitted to kill them to prevent them from endangering others.

“Jews don’t burn mosques, period,” the newspaper’s editorial said. “…no shadow of justification can be found for harming a Muslim mosque. This is an insane, dangerous act.”

The mosque was torched earlier this week, apparently by Jewish extremists. Its interior was seriously damaged, and many books were destroyed by the blaze.

The Israeli Yated blasted Jewish rightists who said the mosque was probably set on fire by Arabs, as a provocation against Jews. “The identity of the mosque-burners in the Galilee is not known yet…But one cannot help but fear this is no provocation intended to incite against right wingers, but rather that the act was committed by wacky, radical rightists who have already specialized in [similar activities.]”

The editorial slammed MK Michael Ben Ari of National Union, who refused to denounce the arson. “A number of rightist extremists, including one Knesset Member, tried to put the blame for burning the mosque on Israel’s government, the army and the defense establishment, which is ‘forcing’ the settlers to unleash their anger on Muslim mosques,” the paper said.

Rabbi Chaim Cohen said that the article was written following consultation with Maran Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv shlit”a. Rabbi Cohen added  whoever sets fire to a mosque is “a terrorist and a murderer with blood on his hands.”

{Yair Israel}


  1. Check the dinim of rodef. It is only permitted to kill him if there is no other way to stop him. Once he has committed the act he is no longer a rodef.

  2. Erev Yom Kippur news…
    One, two & we have a freshly baked Roidef.
    And I guess you can kill him on Yom Kippur too.

    Rabbossai where are your brains?
    Who speaks of a yiddishe Neshomo?

  3. This is a davur pashut. What is newsworthy that Jews should not be attacking non-Jews place of worship.

    We are in golus. And we should not be instigating the goyim. Period.

  4. #4 is right. #3 is TzuFidl’t! Aside for the heinous attrosity of endangering millions of yidden,they were “machlif umanusam” with the bnei yishmael, and we must fear the koach hatfilla that they now have, as a direct result r”l.

  5. #3,

    the Maril (the Rishon – not to be confused with the the Marahl) killed a rodef/moser on Yom Kipper durring Neilah! (That was the only time that rodef showed up to in public unprotected…)

    Fact is that if Yidden burned the mosque they are rodfim

  6. Ben Torah, your reisha is correct but your seifa is not. When the State was established we went from galut to herut. In any case,our very existene instigates our enemies. This was proven by the Holocaust.

    Anonymous, unless he was attacking one of the mitpallelim he was a mosser and not a rodef.

  7. Read where some Arabs have admitted to this. This immediately is transparent. Settlers, as they are called instead of residents or communities, do not use violence and are not stupid to commit such acts as they would only make their positions more vulnerable to actions by the Israeli governement, and, in general, more demonization against them. The blood libels in this 21st century are still, unfortunately, alive and well.


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