Israeli Woman Killed In Car Accident After Rock-Throwing Attack


Hadas Tapuchi, a 30-year-old woman resident of the Jewish community of Ateret in the Binyamin region, was killed Sunday afternoon in a head-on collision with an Israeli truck on Route 465.

It is being reported that IDF soldiers who responded to the accident found signs that rocks had been thrown by Arabs just before the crash. The stretch of Route 465 where the accident occurred is frequently targeted by rock-throwing terrorists from the nearby Arab village of Umm Safa.

The incident is under investigation.

Hadas is survived by her husband and four children.


  1. Don’t see Shabak “aggressively interrogating” the islamonazi stone throwers. The Judenrat medina is there to suppress Jews and to defend the islamonazis. Arabs are just a diversion, the real problem is the erev rav.

    • While I don’t like the way the Shabak treated the apprehended Yeshiva boys of Rachelim, I don’t think anybody questions the aggressiveness of the Shabak against Arab terrorists. You may read the English Al Jazeera for more information.

  2. John Kerry and Susan Rice told us that rocks thrown by Palestinians don’t kill. It’s only the ones thrown by Israelis.


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