Israeli Volunteers Passing Critical Humanitarian Supplies to Syrians


Several times a year, Doreen Gold, an Israeli Jew, goes undercover to organize a mission of humanitarian aid for Syrian NGOs. Some 200 Israeli volunteers are working for her nonprofit, Il4Syrians, Israel21c reports.

Doreen (not her real name) has signed a form that says that if she is captured, the government will not negotiate for her release. Il4Syrians began operating in April 2011.

“We were probably the first international NGO operating in the area,” she says.

The first mission brought in sanitation kits, baby powder, food and medical supplies. Since then the organization has passed along survival kits, medical devices and even 3,000 chemical suits to protect the doctors working with patients who had been victims of chemical attacks. The group supports 17 field hospitals and surgery rooms in Syria.

Doreen’s team keeps them stocked with everything they need. It has also provided four 3D printers to Syria and trained 22 orthopaedic doctors to print out prosthetic limbs.

Two years ago Doreen admitted to one of the large Syrian NGOs she works with where she comes from. “They understood for the first time that…Israeli volunteers were risking their own lives in order to save their women and children. Their world was shaken to the core. After a month they came back to the table and made an agreement with us.”

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