Israeli Tourism Ministry Denies Feeding Rahm Emanuel Treif


emanuel1Israel’s Tourism Ministry did not pay for visiting White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s family to eat non-kosher food in Eilat, a spokesman for Tourism Minister Stas Meseznikov said today, denying press reports.

Emanuel came to Israel on Friday for a 10-day trip with his family to celebrate the bar mitzvah of his son Zach and nephew Noah. The ceremonies will be conducted later this week with the help of Emanuel’s rabbi in Virginia, Jack Moline, who is expected to come to Israel. Details of the bar mitzvahs are still being kept a secret.

Yediot Acharonot reported Sunday that a Tourism Ministry official paid for the Emanuel family’s meal at Eilat’s non-kosher Boston restaurant on Friday. The report said the Emanuels ate cheviche, calamari and other seafood.

“We offered to help the Emanuels with their visit but they said no,” the spokesman said. “Our representative did not eat with them. We bring thousands of people to Israel. Our official events are kosher but when people are on their own we don’t pick at their plates or make sure they eat all their meals at the Knesset cafeteria.”

National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari wrote Attorney-General Yehuda Weinstein complaining about taxpayer funds being used for a non-kosher meal and asking him to send the bill to Emanuel’s home.

“In my humble legal opinion there is no possibility of making the State of Israel pay for such a meal, as part of a private visit by the White House chief of staff and his family,” Ben-Ari wrote. “The public coffers are not up for grabs and the fact that the gentleman sponsors anti-Semitic policies in the White House is certainly no justification for digging into the public coffer at the expense of the old lady in the corridor of the hospital.”

Far right activist Baruch Marzel, who works for Ben-Ari, is determined to get to the bar mitzvah and heckle Emanuel because he believes he is a traitor to the Jewish people. He said he believes the bar mitzvah will be at a Yerushalayim hotel on Thursday or Shabbos.

“We are getting closer to him,” Marzel said.

Those hoping to catch a glimpse of Emanuel today during a rumored visit to the Kosel were disappointed. Emanuel and his family did not appear at the site, where reporters, photographers and at least one would-be protester were camped out. There was speculation that the family might choose a less public venue because of possible protests.

“We are having a great time in Israel, we are really enjoying ourselves and the people are excellent,” Emanuel, dressed in shorts, told Channel 2 today.

{JPost/Yair Israel}


  1. The problem is that he views Israel merely as a nice tourism location; a fact that is clearly indicated in the last paragraph.
    This is in of itself a sad situation. Put aside the fact that his father put his life on the line to fight for the state of Israel as a Jewish, holy place belonging to our people.
    No reason to heckle someone who is so far removed, it will accomplish nothing.

  2. I’ll bet his father was driven off the derech by the “Jewish” medina he now trashes along with tens of thousands of sefardim of his generation. What goes around comes around.

  3. I’ll bet his father, along with tens of thousands of sefardim of his generation, was driven off the derech by the “Jewish” medina he now trashes. What goes around comes around.

  4. AA besides being non-sequitor-Your comment is off the historical mark. The “Jewish” medinah for the record has more Torah and Yeshivos at one time than Hungary ever had.

  5. Common Sense writes: The “Jewish” medinah for the record has more Torah and Yeshivos at one time than Hungary ever had. He should have added that the Torah being learned in EY is not because of the medina, but despite of it.

  6. Rahm Emanuels wife is a “convert” and so his son’s Bar Mitzvah as well as his son/wife diet are less of anissue than his own

  7. and i thought that all yeshives , beis hamidroshim , heidarim …. where build and upheld by the religiouse institutes to whom they belong.
    i never knew that satmar ,vishnitz, gur, chabad, Ponevitz, or yeshivas mir where established by medinas isroel.
    the reason why we are in medinas isroel is the effect of the Holocaust and medinas isroel never wanted any haredim in isroel but wanted a seculariced goyishe country like wien or germany.they got us and this is their problem . they will never brake our spirit
    look what these rashoyim did in the holocaust how they thought about daatim.

  8. #8 Despite of it? That is hard to say when the vast majority of yeshivos and chadarim receive more than 50% of their budget from the medina.
    That includes Ponovezh, Mir, Tifrach, Chevron, Gur, Belz, Vizhnitz, Karlin Stolin….
    And tens of thousand of avreichim receive monthly stipends from the medinah.

  9. For all we heard about how Rahmbo was an orthodox jew, he attends an “egalitarian” conservative synagogue in virginia ((as if there are no ortho shuls, even very liberal ones, in metro DC) and eats treif in Israel. Feh! So now he takes his sheigitz son to Eretz haKodesh for his “bar mitzvah” in what is nothing more than a PR move to sell us on what a good Jew he is and what a friend of Israel he and, by extension, his boss are. Feh again.

    If you buy any of this, you’re as dumb as he thinks you are

  10. to #4

    What do sefardim have o do with this? The Emanuel family is ashkenazi, from Ukraine. They moved to EY in 1917, changing the name from Auerbach. (like many — especially secular — zionists, they abandoned their “ghetto” names for something more “Jewish” — shimon perski becomes shimon peres, golda meyerson becomes golda meir, etc)

    Further, Rahmbo’s father (Benjamin) was Irgun, not exactly a frum organization, so I suspect he was largely if not entirely secular. When he came to America, he didn’t live a frum life and he certainly did not raise his kids frum as they went to a “conservative” day school.

    Not that the medina hasn’t driven the yiddishkeit out of thousands, but I don’t see any indication that the father was ever religious.

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