Israeli Terror Victim ‘Saved a Lot of Lives’ by Fighting Assailant, Cousin Says


Yotam Ovadia — the 31-year-old Israeli man who was murdered in a Palestinian stabbing attack in Adam on Thursday — saved the lives of others by fighting with the terrorist, his cousin said on Sunday.

“My cousin is a hero,” Tomer, a police officer, was quoted as saying by the Hebrew news site Walla. “If Yotam was not there and it was someone who would have put up less of a fight, I think the terrorist would have been able to jump to a nearby house.”

Ovadia was out collecting items for a meal he was preparing for his wife for Tu B’Av when he encountered a 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist who had snuck into the settlement, located in the West Bank northeast of Jerusalem.

“The very fact that Yotam continued to struggle with the terrorist bought everyone time,” Tomer said. “He saved a lot of lives by fighting.”

The terrorist was eventually shot dead by another passerby, who had been lightly wounded in a scuffle with the assailant before pulling out a pistol and opening fire.

 Algemeiner Staff




  1. Why did not the passerby shoot right away instead of getting into the scuffle. Because the Judenrat secular government would prosecute him for shooting the poor terrorist. They are more concerned about looking like goyim and spending millions advertising their toeiva parades than protecting Jews.


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