Israeli Technology Pulls Water Out Of Thin Air During AIPAC Conference


In a showcase of cutting-edge Israeli innovation, former Harvard Law School professor and Israel advocate Alan Dershowitz took to the stage Sunday at the annual AIPAC Policy Conference and literally pulled water out of thin air.

Alongside AIPAC National Managing Director Elliot Brandt at the gathering in Washington, D.C., Dershowitz unveiled a machine—developed by the Israeli company Water-Gen—that is capable of extracting and purifying water from the air. The company’s machine can produce between 15 and 20 liters of drinking water per day.

Dershowitz noted the Israeli-developed machine could be sent to regions lacking potable drinking water, and proudly touted the technology as a tool for combating the anti-Israel BDS movement. “There is no weapon more powerful in the fight against BDS than for Israel to develop technologies that the world cannot live without,” he said.

“You cannot boycott products that you can’t live without,” Dershowitz added.

During the presentation, AIPAC’s Brandt cited the Zionist dream of overcoming water shortages in the nascent Jewish state, saying, “Let’s remember what Theodor Herzl talked about—the pioneers of Israel will be people who helped develop water.” JNS.ORG



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