Israeli Surgeons Treat Palestinian Girl While Under Fire From Gaza


the-safra-childrens-hospital-at-the-sheba-medical-centerAs rocket sirens blared at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer last week, a group of Israeli surgeons continued to operate on a Palestinian baby in the center’s intensive care ward, which is not adequately protected from rocket strikes.

The Palestinian infant was suffering from multiple birth defects and arrived at the hospital attached to a respirator.

“The baby required an emergency tracheostomy when the siren began,” Dr. Marina Rubenstein, a senior physician at the pediatric intensive care unit at Sheba Medical Center, told Israel Hayom.

Doctors “didn’t even move from the bed” despite the fact that all Israelis are instructed to enter a protected space when the sirens sound, said Rubenstein.

“Our responsibility is to young children, regardless of where the child is from or the child’s religion,” the doctor said.


{ Israel}


  1. B’nei Yishmael are from the klipos hachesed. The more we do for them, the more they hate us. Jewish doctors will continue being tzaddikim while they will despise us for what they perceive as our weakness.

  2. israel really needs to learn how to restrain themselves. THEY SHOULD RESTRAIN THE WHOLE GAZA ONCE AND FOR ALL.
    by the way what are shields for? shouldnt we aim at every shield? its the bad guys that have shields so who cares what monkey boon or any other idiot says just bombm the …. out of them. maybe get monkey boon in there as a shield


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