Israeli Supreme Court Rules That All Modesty Signs In Bet Shemesh Must Be Removed By December 18


“There will be no exclusion of women in any city in Israel.” Thus, summarized Israeli Supreme Court Justices in a hearing concerning ‘modesty signs’ in Bet Shemesh during which they instructed the local Municipality to remove all modesty signs by December 18th.

They also ruled that there will be a police presence in the area to ensure they are not replaced.

Orly Erez Likhovski, head of the legal department at the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), said: “We welcome the Supreme Court’s unequivocal statement that modesty signs are offensive and that such harm should not be tolerated by the women of Bet Shemesh or anywhere in Israel. The explicit instruction to remove all signs under police guidance and a continued police presence sends a clear message that the rights of the women of Bet Shemesh will not be forfeited. We, who stand at forefront of the war against the exclusion of women in Israel, see this decision instructing the removal of all modesty signs as a major victory of the rule of law over the rule of violence, and towards the rights of women to dignity and equality. We will continue to monitor and fight all occurrences of the exclusion of women in Israel.”

The Court also ruled that there will be an increased police presence in Bet Shemesh, police will accompany city inspectors in the removal of signs.

{ Israel News}


  1. Fakers!!! Frauds!!! Let’s see how long an immodest woman stays alive walking through any Arab town. Where’s the Supreme Court? It’s easy to pick on the Jews. Go pick on the Arabs you cowards!!!!

  2. so they are going to post police on the corner of every religious neighborhood to prevent people from posting signs on their private property? Israel is now a police state? and people wonder why people yell”nazis” at Israeli police? The Police Commissioner has to speak up on the outrageousness of such rulings!

  3. Supreme Court of liberals. In israel it’s ok to parade for same gender sinners but modesty is illegal. Where are all the chareidim to protest this evil.

  4. STOP THE APATHY! Get rid of these self-appointed self-hating Jewish RESHAIM in the Supreme Court already! Enough is enough!

    Beit Shemesh will surely now stick these signs all over the city to pierce the eyes out of the Jew haters in the court.

  5. We are really trying. The disease of the abomination is too fierce. The jews who refuse modesty also often refuse kosher need as well.

    This is the one big need of much need and hope. A kosher society.

    Everything satan knows to do is done to prevent. Living kosher among gentiles and non-orthodox jews is like running a crime ring. Your grade makes no difference and every sinner or hate group is ready to tell you wrong.

    It does not get better until we have kosher rights. Modesty is included. A terrible society against all that is pure. It runs the lips of hate and the world of terror.

    We are only in Hashems hands. How long will we wait for Torah among those who eat treif? They are exactly why we can not control the dream of Israel.

    Keep the modesty.


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