Israeli Supreme Court Gives Bet Shemesh Municipality Until December 31 to Remove All Modesty Signs


Yesterday, Israel’s Supreme Court issued a ruling in the Municipality of Bet Shemesh’s appeal of the decision to hold it in contempt of court for not removing modesty signs from the city’s streets.

In its ruling, the Court stated that the Municipality has not carried out what was instructed in previous court rulings, giving it until December 31, 2018 to remove all modesty signs in the city and to install 7 security cameras, or be found in contempt of court.

The Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC) has been representing a group of anti-chareidi women from Bet Shemesh for over seven years in their battle to have these modesty signs, which they say “aims to limit the movement and dress of women in the public domain,” removed from the streets of the city.

This decision came just one day after municipal elections in which Bet Shemesh elected its first female Mayor, Aliza Bloch, ousting the current mayor, Moshe Abitbul, from office.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Beit Shemesh should get Muslims to make these signs for them and the high court of injustice would let it through without a problem.

  2. They already removed all modesty by voting in a Woman.
    In Theory one can say that the WHOLE of Beit Shemsh elected a woman – they kept on fighting about “frum shtusim and lukshen” now thats what they got.

  3. it is very sad to a frum yid lose the mayoral position by such a thin margin but sadly if not for the sikrikin and thier terror we probably would have a frum mayor

  4. Reb Moishe Abutbul removed them dozens of times and wvery time they put them back As a resident of beit shemesh i wish her good luck to make the area beibg spoken about look civilizes but I somehow dont think she is going to manage!!!


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