Israeli Soldier Nearly Killed After Taking A Wrong Turn


Palestinian forces rescued an Israeli soldier from a possible lynching after the soldier mistakenly drove his truck into the West Bank village of Sa’ir, north of Chevron, instead of turning off to the nearby Meitzad settlement. Local residents surrounded his vehicle and began hurling rocks.

The lightly wounded soldier was taken to Yerushalayim’s Sha’arei Tzedek Hospital.

{ Israel}


  1. A lesson to be learned here. If for some reason you end up in pa territory you just keep driving. You don’t stop for anything including ppl standing in front of the car

  2. Even as the soldier had every reason to think he was getting murdered, he still didn’t shoot or drive over his attackers. Fear of the judenrat courts is greater than the instinct of self preservation. The stupidity is palpable.


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