Israeli Security Forces Raid Eastern Jerusalem Homes Of 7 Terrorists


Israeli security forces raided the eastern Jerusalem homes of seven terrorists whose families are believed to be on the terror group Hamas’s payroll. Monday’s raid was a joint police and Shin Bet security agency operation.

Fourteen people were arrested and more than 200,000 shekels ($53,000) were seized in the suspects’ homes, as well as jewelry and several vehicles.

Police said the raids on homes in the Jabel Mukaber, Ras al-Amud, A-Tur and Shuafat neighborhoods followed a long intelligence-gathering operation which provided proof that the suspects and their families were receiving funds from Hamas, primarily because their relatives had carried out terrorist attacks.

“The Israel Police will not allow the families of terrorists to receive any financial support from terrorist groups,” officials said in a statement. JNS.ORG

{ Israel}


  1. Do what American law enforcement does to drug dealers’ property: Confiscate the terrorists’ homes, then auction off to the highest bidder. There’ll be arabs and some Jews who’d want to purchase the terrorists’ houses. Obviously, the Jews who’d bid would be the ones willing to move in into an Arab neiborhood for ideological and strategic reasons, in order to form a nucleus of a future Jewish neighborhood in the Jewish land; as such, they’d be willing to pay above the market price and outbid the arabs. If every terrorist attack resulted in Zionists taking over the terrorists’ homes and possibly their neighborhoods, the islamonazis would stop their terror attacks immediately.


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