Israeli Scientist Helps Discover Planet ‘Very Similar to Earth’


solar-systemA team of scientists, including an Israeli researcher, announced the discovery yesterday of a hitherto unknown planet they described as extremely similar to Earth, some 500 light years from our solar system. The revelation bolsters the theory that the universe holds billions of planets revolving around stars similar to the Earth’s sun.

“Progress in research on planets outside our solar system has been tremendous,” said Prof. Zvi Mazeh of Tel Aviv University, who participated in the study. “It’s amazing to think that 25 years ago, when I just started becoming interested in the field, not a single planet was known outside of our solar system.”

“Now we’ve been able to discover planetary systems very similar to those of the Earth,” Mazeh said. “They are just waiting for us to come discover them.” The new planet was found almost accidentally while the team was monitoring another distant planet, TYC 4799-1733-1.

The planet is so distant from Earth that it cannot actually be seen; scientists concluded that it exists based on a small black mark it leaves on its parent star every 20.4 hours.

The newly-discovered planet, named CoRoT-7b, is estimated to have a radius twice that of Earth, but a lower mass.

For months, researchers monitored small changes in the revolution of the parent star with the aid of a highly-advanced instrument operated by the European Southern Observatory, a sprawling observatory located in Chile.

The researchers also discovered another planet, CoRoT-7c, orbiting its parent star in cycles of 3 days, 17 hours, with a mass eight times that of the Earth.

{ Newscenter}


  1. as you can see from my posting name i am a deep thinker….this article is very interseting….the only thing that they probaly didnt read and learn Sefer Beraishes….in there it says Hashem only created nine planets, so obviously they this thing what they found is not a planet….now this got me very curious….where did they find this beautiful thing that Hashem created it….how come i dont see outside mw window right now….if anyone has more information, or possibly pictures, my family and i would love too see them…..have a kisiva v’chisima tova….by the way, i just thought of something….this beautiful thing was discovered right before Rosh HaShana….maybe Hashem is showing us that we should look for the bright things in life and He gave it to Eretz Yisroel for us Bnai Yisroel to come home….just a thought….AGut YomTov and have a de”light”ful Shobbos and year….

  2. …in there it says Hashem only created nine planets,…

    Really?! I remember no such thing. Can you bring me a source for that?

    ?z?r Vo?nu? Q’?ba?
    ???gvr, Allw?

  3. Deep thinker: please cite chapter and verse which states that Hashem created only nine planets. AFAIK, Breishis only describes Hashem’s creation of ONE planet, and does NOT exclude His creation of billions more.

  4. in answer to your question, i heard it from a former high school teacher of mine….i don’t know where she heard it though….please moichel if she misquoted….a gut gentched yur to all


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