Israeli School Set Up Among Haiti’s Ruins


haiti-quake1Though the Israeli search-and-rescue team has left Haiti, the Israeli spirit continues to waft through the devastated country. An Israeli delegation to the island country set up a provisional school among the earthquake wreckage.

The school, which is located in a large tent in Port-au-Prince, was established in coordination with the government of Haiti and neighboring Dominican Republic. Hundreds of children in the city will arrive on Monday for the first day of school in the makeshift school. Some 800 pupils will study there.

Upon hearing of the school’s launch, many children started searching the rubble for school supplies. Among the items they found were chalk boards, books, and notebooks.

“We are locating education figures and dominant people within the camps. Through them, we are recruiting additional key figures,” said Dr. Moshe Farhi. Farhi is heading up the Israeli delegation that left for the country from the organization Natan Israeli Coalition for International Humanitarian Aid, named for Israeli activist Abie Natan.

Dr. Farhi, who is also a trauma and stress expert teaching at Tel Hai Academic College, said excitedly that teachers have been trained in how to treat traumas children have undergone.

 The delegation is slated to remain in Haiti for half a year.

 The Yad Sarah volunteer medical organization, together with the Foreign Ministry, will donate three tons of medical equipment to Haiti. Israeli Ambassador to Haiti Amos Radian was asked to coordinate the aid shipment.

{Ynet/Yair Israel}


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