Israeli Researchers Discover Samsung Smartphone Security Breach


 phoneResearchers at Ben Gurion University of the Negev’s Cyber Security Labs have found a security breach in Samsung’s smartphones based on the Knox architecture. These smartphones include the Galaxy S4, and the breach, researchers believe, enables easy interception of data communications between the secure container and the external world including file transfers, emails and browser activity.

Samsung’s Knox architecture was approved by the US Defense Department last March.

The vulnerability was uncovered by Ph.D. student Mordechai Guri during an unrelated research task. Guri is part of a wider research team at the cyber security labs which focuses on mobile and other cyber related research topics. He said, “To us, Knox symbolizes state-of-the-art in terms of secure mobile architectures and I was surprised to find that such a big ‘hole‘ exists and was left untouched. The Knox has been widely adopted by many organizations and government agencies and this weakness has to be addressed immediately before it falls into the wrong hands. We are also contacting Samsung in order to provide them with the full technical details of the breach so it can be fixed immediately.”

Read more at GLOBES ISRAEL.

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