Israeli Radio Host Offers Police 1,000 Shekel to Slam Chareidi Protestors in the Face


protest[Audio below.] An Israeli radio personality has stirred the Intel protest pot a bit more with remarks made this morning regarding the Shabbos demonstrations at Intel’s factory in Yerushalayim. Natan Zehavi, whose show is broadcast on 103 FM, said he will give 1,000 shekel per day for every day spent in jail by a policeman who hits a chareidi in the face and breaks his teeth for calling the officer a Nazi.

Zehavi, in his monologue, called chareidim “thugs with hair on their faces and funny hats and weird coats.”

The radio host, in his incitement to violence, called chareidim ninjas and said that “they’re in good shape” because “they run around throwing rocks and demonstrating.”

Zehavi, in his remarks, dripping with sarcasm, castigated protestors and settlers, blasting chareidim and the national religious community in one swipe.

In making his 1,000 shekel pledge, Zehavi, in a mocking voice, said, “I, Rav Noson Zehavi ben Rav Yaakov Goldvetz will give a 1,000 shekel gift” to each policeman who slams a chareidi protestor for calling him “Nazi.”

To listen to Zehavi’s remarks (in Hebrew), click here.

{Yair Israel}


  1. Does someone wanna explain to me what Shabbos is? Because to me that’s like running in geulah on Tuesday screaming, “YOM SHLISHI YOM SHLISHI” Until you have explained like chazal tell us to do the mitzvah of tochacha, there is no reason they should listen.
    (I heard once, based on a possuk in koheles, Al Tochach letz, Pen Yishn’echah, Hoce’ach Lechacham, V’y’ehavecha-literally, don’t rebuke a fool because he will hate you, rebuke a wise man, and he will love you. There is another way to read this possuk. Don’t give tochacha by calling the guy a fool, an idiot, a nobody, because then he will hate you, call him wise, a tzadik, a good person, and he will love you)
    I just heard yesterday, a guy was by the Kosel on Hoshanah Rabah and as he walked away from the Kosel, he thanked the security guards and wished them ‘Chag Samayach’ The 18 year old girl asked him, “Mah Zeh” pointing to his Lulav and Esrog!
    Is that story painfully shocking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Here is an 18 year old Israeli girl, went through an entire education system, is now standing at the Kosel saying “Mah Zeh” at 50,000 Lulavim and Esrogim, having NO IDEA what they are.
    Instead of alienating these people, we have to come close to them and help them, not scream and yell at them, because as sad as this is, they have NO IDEA what Torah and Mitzvos.

  2. I believe it was meant as satire. The point he is making (if you listen to the audio is that you cannot call Jewish policemen (even if they are not frum) Nazis! It is such an obvious point – Jews who have a job to protect the Citizens of Israel and put themselves in the line of fire 24/7 are no less a hero than the NYPD policemen! To throw rocks and call them Nazis should be punishable with jail and steep fines!


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