Israeli Radio Host: Chareidim and Settlers are Leeches, Parasites, Worms


gabi-gazit[Audio below] Radio talk-show host Gabi Gazit slammed the chareidi community and settlers today, following two Independence Day incidents including flag-burning by members of the fringe Neturei Karta group which has been denounced by large segments of the chareidi community, and after clashes between the IDF and residents of the Yitzhar settlement.

 During his program “Non-Stop Radio”, Gazit called chareidim “leeches,” “parasites” and “worms”, saying they should be sent out of the country or else kept within their own neighborhoods, disconnected from the national water and electricity grids.

Chareidi askanim have already contacted lawyers and intend to ask the attorney general to bring Gazit to trial for incitement. One of those involved explained that when such an incident targets an entire group rather than an individual, only the attorney general is authorized to launch an investigation.

 “The fact that until now nobody has been charged is a crime, and we need to put an end to this kind of thing once and for all,” he said.

 The same source claimed that this was incitement “par excellence,” since Gazit’s words against the chareidi and settler population were “an exact copy of what the Nazis said against the Jews.”

 He added: “If he had said such things against Arabs or Moroccans, he wouldn’t last long. Speaking out against us, he knows nothing will happen to him, so he permits himself such words. Maybe the settlers will respond as any normal group should respond to a case like this.”

 MK Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism) claimed that Gazit’s words amounted to “unrestrained incitement” and said he would submit a complaint with the Israeli Press Council and the management of Non-Stop Radio against Gazit, who spoke in a “bestial and brutish way against an entire community.”

 “The incitement uttered on his radio station could have destructive and dangerous consequences,” Gafni added. “There is no doubt that if he had dared say half of what he said on the program against Arabs or any other population group in Israel, he wouldn’t last even a minute in his job.”

 MK Uri Orbach (Habayit Hayehudi) said, “The Israeli public is mature enough to avoid rising to such childish provocations. Cursing settlers and stalking Haredim who didn’t stand to attention during the siren (marking Israel’s Memorial Day) is so outdated, almost like listening to Gabi Gazit.”

 Meanwhile, the Israel Association for Civil Rights also came out against Gazit.

 “The organization rejects in disgust the slander broadcast by radio host Gabi Gazit, which was intended to smear an entire group,” a representative said.

 “The chareidim are citizens and residents of the State, and they have a right to water, electricity and clean streets, or to fly abroad from Ben Gurion Airport, entirely independent of the amount of tax they pay. The ‘Israeli values’ he espouses include democratic values and freedom of speech, which include the right not to stand to attention during the siren or not to respect the State’s flag,” the group said.

Click below to listen to the remarks:

 {Yair Israel/Ynet}


  1. What he said was wrong because he generalized an entire group. But, understand his thinking:

    If your son was chas veshalom murdered defending and protecting someone. Then the person your son A’H helped went ahead and rallied against the memory of your son, and called his friends Nazis, and tried to hurt them with rocks and burning debris, wouldn’t you be furious???

  2. I’m assuming that he is not religious.
    Well then he has a problem.
    Israel has belonged to the Arabs for hundreds of years. Why do the Jews have a right to take over their country.
    Our answer is that the Torah gave the land to the children of Avraham, Yitzchok and Yackov.
    However, if the Torah is not part of the belief system, then surely he should be accused of ethnic cleansing.

  3. There was no criticism of Neturei Karta’s actions in Bnei Brak. The silence implies that we all agree with burning the Israeli flag. Is there any wonder that seculars in Israel hate Chareidim?

  4. Yes, I agree with the burning of the Israeli flag. It’s only a shmatta and it represents apikorsus whichever way you wrap or wave it.

  5. Dear Chicago Aaron and others.
    Imagine a little bit different scenario, the point of view of the so despised by you Chareidi Jew.
    He lives in the Holy City for few generations already, serving his G-d according to the teaching inherited from his predecessors.
    At certain point some of his relatives from land afar came where he lives quite peacefully with his neighbors and the newcomer attempt to establish his own order.
    The new order is in direct opposition with everything he believes and what he is ready to sacrifice his life for. Their, both old guy and newcomer, grandfathers died for these ideals. The new comer holds this blood as nothing or he uses it for his purposes, which again are in opposition to what that blood was spilled for.
    The newcomer brings war, hanger and humiliation. Yes. Now he makes himself in charge of social system. Many old people died from hunger, the money which was coming to support Chareidi community was all of the sudden grabbed by Zionists causing dead of some of the member of old Yishuv at the beginning of the last century.
    Zionist established the system the way, that if Chareidi does not participate in his wars he may not get job. (Compare Charedim from other countries, there are Chareidim working in all imaginable branches of economy – it is not Chareidism which is guilty but how Zionist duped them to be pariahs of the society)
    But he still cling to what he believes what he holds as the highest treasure and yes he is bitter and he hates his enemy which Zionist is in fact.
    Now what about you? Do you also belong to the people who would put a Jew to the jail for burning flag? Read it again. Jail for burning flag?! Who is you fellow? Who represent values closer to you heart?

  6. #6, please learn proper English. Your grammar is atrocious, and your post is extremely difficult to read.

    Just to counter a main point: the Jews living in Palestine before the founding of the state of Israel did not live peacefully with their neighbors. There were pogroms many times over the years. Don’t fool yourself.

  7. Whoever gave their live for Israel is a kodosh. burning the flag is a terrible chillul Hashem and just gives power to our enemies.They burn the flag in Iran and in Gaza to. Where will you all run to if we have to one day have to leave the U.S.?


  9. It appears that some people are getting facts wrong over here A. arabs exercised terrorisim against the jews way before there was even one secular jew in eretz yisroel and B. The zionistic claim to eretz yisroel is flawed if it doesnt have a very religious component to it and C. This Gazit guy sounds like a german nazi to me considering his stance regarding charedim being not entitled to any services and calling them leeches, I am sure neo nazis are really proud of him but make no mistake this is a yidishi nishumu crying out for help, and so he has to cover it, up, and the best approach would be to invite him to our house for Shabis while showing him how charedim could also be warm and normal, and D. The charedim have to respect every jew whether frum or not yet frum and so flag burning is very disrespectfull and the chilul Hashem is noiru vioyim. And E. Charedim do work and if the system was more forgiving regarding the army draft, they would definitely join the work force and in a much greater numbers. And F. This Gazi is clueless regarding his annalasis because if charedim did all go to brooklyn and there were no charedim left well the secular with their tiny size families would become a minority in eretz yisroel in no time, charedim keep the jewish majority and they learn the torah of this nation, and give the jews their legitimate claim to the land, and so in essence they are the ones keeping this medina alive, how ironic considering this vile nazi like rehtoric. And last point to consider, charedim with their large families are paying taxes every time they get on a bus with part of the bus fare going towards taxes, and every item of food they consume is taxed pretty heavyly, and there’s no section 8 or food stamps in eretz yisroel and theres hardly any benefits in eretz yisroel, so most frum yiden are living in poverty, so where’s all the thousands of dollars the charedim are robbing of the secular that mr gazit is talking about?

  10. #12, true, it wasn’t the main point, but when you come across as an uneducated ignoramus, it’s kind of hard to take anything you write seriously.

  11. to #16 You have no idea about my education.
    My problem is English grammar.
    Interestingly people have a problem with it only when i write about this topic. Otherwise they tolerate my imperfect writing. By the way my accent is also terrible.

  12. Regardless of intent,flag burning is inexcusable.It’s merely inciteful and results in accomplishing only the oppositte of whatever intended.Moreover,it causes a tremendous Chilul H-Shem.


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