Israeli Professor Attacked by Palestinian in Germany, Then Mistakenly Assaulted by Police


An Israeli professor was mistakenly assaulted by a police officer on Wednesday, after he reported a German-Palestinian man who attacked him for wearing a kippah in the western German city of Bonn.

The incident began when a 50-year-old academic from the University of Baltimore, in town for a guest lecture, was confronted by a 20-year-old German of Palestinian descent while walking with a companion, police said. The offender shoved the academic, hit his shoulder, and knocked his kippah off his head, while shouting insults in German and English, including, “No Jews in Germany!”

The victim fought back against the offender, who let him go and began fleeing the scene after hearing police sirens. The professor than ran after the man, and did not respond to requests to desist, giving officers the impression that he was the aggressor. They handcuffed him and — while he resisted — punched him in the face.

The attacker was ultimately arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic, but later released as the institute’s doctors could not find reason to detain him.

The city’s police chief has since apologized for the incident, saying it was “a terrible and regrettable misunderstanding.” The city plans to hold a “kippah day” in response to the attack, invoking recent “kippah” marches that have taken place in Germany in a show of solidarity against rising antisemitism.

The incidents followed several high-profile attacks against Jews in Germany, which has absorbed thousands of migrants fleeing from the Middle East in the past two years.

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