Israeli President Rejects Ex-PM Olmert’s Pardon Request


Israeli President Reuven Rivlin Monday rejected a pardon request filed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, currently serving a 26-month prison sentence related to two separate corruption scandals.

Olmert began serving his prison sentence in February 2016, becoming the first Israeli head of state to be incarcerated. In January 2017, he requested a pardon and, in a letter sent to Rivlin, Olmert’s attorneys pleaded that he had “suffered enough” and “the time has come to end the suffering of Ehud Olmert as an act of mercy.”

In his decision to reject Olmert’s request, Rivlin noted the special circumstances of Olmert’s conviction, and his service to Israel as a former prime minister, had already been accounted for when he was convicted and sentenced in court.

Following the rejection of Olmert’s pardon request, the former prime minister is obligated to complete the remainder of his prison sentence.

Rivlin’s rejection comes two weeks after Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked filed a request for Olmert to be released early, in spite of Shaked’s own Justice Ministry advising against that move. JNS.ORG


  1. And here were told that once Trump became President, he would pardon SM. Rubashkin. Gornisht. Reb Shalom will be spending yet another Pesach languishing in prison. Way to go Republicans!


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