Israeli Police Target Chardei Protesters With Weapon Developed Against Palestinians, and It Stinks


Last week, the roof of Ma’alot Hatorah Yeshiva was full of clothing hung out there by the bochurim. “It’s horrific, inhuman, it’s not clear how it’s possible to use it against human beings,” says Shlomo Frankel, one of the demonstrators. “Police brutality has now been joined by this stuff, which makes it impossible to breathe – it simply doesn’t come off your clothes or your skin.”

The stench was caused by a weapon called the “Skunk,” a liquid compound that has become one of the main means used in recent weeks by the police against the demonstrators. Apart from the smell, the Skunk can also pose a physical danger. The Peleg protesters say the police make violent use of it, spraying the liquid directly on them from close quarters.

Yet, police procedures state explicitly, “In any event, it is not to be sprayed directly at demonstrators’ heads for fear of [causing] traumatic injury in sensitive areas as a result of the intensity of the water cannon.” The force of the stream allows it to reach individuals from a distance of dozens of meters.

Since these protests started, the IDF has launched 30 investigations against policemen for using inordinate violence; 14 officers have been questioned under caution. One indictment has been filed against a policewoman for using violence against a demonstrator, and an officer has faced a disciplinary hearing. Read more at Ha’Aretz.




  1. Chareidim are the Zionists’ worst enemy – much worse than Arab terrorists. That’s why it was never used it against Arabs and never against leftist riots. The biggest fear of the Zionists is that in another few years chareidim will be the majority, which is why they’re doing everything possible to “integrate” them with chilonim, whether in the shmad army or sending them off to work in some anti-Torah environment. However, MIR VELLEN ZEI IBERLEBEN whether with skunk spray or other weapons the Tzionim threaten with.

    • You would be a complete hypocrite to visit Eretz Yisroel, which would be unstable and unsafe without the armies protection-BS’D. My mispacha would have loved to be in Israel in 1940 as opposed to Poland. Shame on you

      • Nobody is suggesting that Israel shouldnt have an army. But if the IDF would acknowledge that its the torah thats protecting them not their tanks or guns, they would not have a problem with bochurim learning. It used to be that way. Ben Gurinn famously asked the yeshivos to say tehillim for the army.

  2. They inconvenience thousands of people including Kollel people and Yeshiva students. The butyl Torah here is unbelievable. Of course one can not talk about the chosen mishpat aspect of being ‘ mevatel’ thousands from earning a honest living to support their Torah families.
    However, they do it ‘al pi daas torah’ Or so they say.
    Well, that daas Torah includes being sprayed by skunk and they will get front seats in olam habah according to their ‘shitah’ ( view).

    That is a quick and easy ticket to the
    ‘ mizrach vaant’

  3. Who says Peleg is troublemakers? Thats just media propoganda.
    @Jose: I suppose you could say the same about the Chashmonaim.
    “Look how much bittul Torah the Chashmonaim caused during the years of war”.
    Had the yidden just agreed to behave like the Greeks, they too could have continued learning Torah in peace.
    Why so many radicals??

  4. Not only are they mevatel Torah by participating in these protests, but they are stealing from the government who pays for and supports their learning in yeshiva. Israel is the #1 supporter of Torah learning in history. What a way to show hakaras hatov to those who pay for you to learn in yeshiva!

  5. If this type of water cannon causes physical harm, how can they legally use it against civilians??? If the demonstrators are guilty of a crime, they should be brought to court and let the jury/court system decide what punishment to deliver. The officer driving those water trucks can not be the judge/jury/executioner! Is the State of Israel a democracy that they claim they are???

    • They should try doing this in New York, there would be a lot of broken skulls. So they should thank the government for letting them off easy.

    • The article says it could cause harm if it is sprayed at people’s heads. not their whole bodies. Besides, the power on these cannons is adjustable, so they can make it weak and it won’t hurt people.

  6. Agree or disagree with the protesters, love or hate service in the IDF, but it is obvious that the Judenrat can’t compete in democratic elections due to the higher birth rate of the religious community, but refuses to peacefully transfer the power – hence the war methods against chareidim and religious zionists. The Judenrat is at civil war with the religious community.

    • The Judenrat? Really? Are the protestors being beaten to death by the police? Are they starving to death? Is disease spreading because of a lack of medicine? are they being handed over to the army to be shot, gassed, and tortured to death? No, none of those things are happening. Please don’t stand on the graves of the 6 million to make a political point.

  7. The tone of this article seems to indicate that using the skunk is to be considered excessive force against protesters disrupting peoples lives and causing mayhem. However the foreign press who have weighed in has expressed outrage at the soft treatment of the protesters as opposed to arab unrest which is immediately quashed with overwhelming force. in the united states anyone resisting officers attempting to clear the streets would be treated MUCH harsher. i think this article is way off base.
    El, the yavnim made gezeiros against learning torah/ Mila/ Shabbos/R. Chodesh/Mikva ETC. so had they not opposed they Yevanim they certainly would not have been able learn in peace.

  8. Fact is the tziyonim hate religious Jews more than the Arabs unfortunately. They want to destroy the Torah all along. Anyone with a half brain knows that.

    • There are more Yiddden learning Torah receiving government stipends in Bnei Brak and Jerusalem than the entire Satmar population in the US.

  9. Eli, kudos to you. Very well said. But what people fail to realize is that it didn’t work! The bochurim stayed firm in fighting the gezeiras giyus. Such determination!

  10. Arab unrest is quelled with brute force because it usally involves throwing rocks or chuncks of concrete how can you compare to civil disobedience?

  11. Incidentally my great grandparents lived securely in the 1930’s in jerusalem. Without the protection of the Idf. Of course i daven for the soldiers daily as the current reality is they are very much needed. We can still all agree that without the torah study we would be in far greater dangerous. As the gemarrah says ee safra lo sayfa

  12. We all agree that “if there was a gizeira”, it would warrant the religious community to rise up and protest. So either there is a gizeira and Peleg is correct, or there is no gizeira, and Peleg is making a mistake. But their actions are certainly lisheim shomayim, and we certainly agree idealistically that they are right!

    • Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman shlita, Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlita, Rav Gershon Edelstein shlita, Rav Shalom Cohen shlita, the Belzer Rebbe shlita, AND ROV GEDOLIM CERTAINLY DON’T AGREE that their actions are right. THEY FEEL IT IS A CHILUL HASHEM

  13. Norman,
    I’m not comparing throwing rocks
    I’m saying that objectively speaking they are treated pretty softly
    Are you suggesting that if these stunts were being done in the USA the treatment wouldn’t be harsher? resisting cops in this country usually ends much worse then this.
    And i’m sure you agree if the arabs would be doing this they would be treated more forcefully.
    that’s my point.

  14. Oh boo hoo. If you sit in the street and block traffic, don’t let ambulances through, and generally harm the entire population, what did you think was going to happen? They would keep asking nicely until you listen?

  15. The IDF is most scared off from these protests and are using anything and everything in defense. Craziness is that the IDF doesn’t even need the chareidim in the army (half the soldiers are bored), and hate them once they are there. But they cant stop here or it will look like the chareidim won.

  16. @Jose @anonymous:
    For your information the Greeks agreed to allow Torah study as long as the it was not attributed to the Creator.
    For this reason they translated the Torah to Greek. It was to be a wisdom among others.

    Throughout history whenever the Jews face a challenge there are those for and those against.
    Yosef vs. the Shevatim, Korach vs. Moshe Rabbeinu, partisans vs. pacifist and religious vs. chiloni.
    It is specifically during these challenges that the men are separated from the (boys, ladies, take your pick).
    Choose to fight for Torah and you will prevail. Peleg is at least making an attempt!!

  17. ” Torah……not attributed to the Creator????
    You cant say that sentence in one breath. A ‘stirah minay oobay’.

    Incidently, Who was right (Chas V’Shalom to ask this) Between Yosef and The Shevatim?? (Hope you don’t answer that one).
    And to compare that Machlokes to Religious vs. Chiloni?!?!?! To Korach & Moshe ?!?!!?
    The Shevtay K’AH. ?!?!?!?

    You REALLY need a religious make over (In a good way only).


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