Israeli Police Target Bochur Accused of Calling Soldier ‘Chardak’


A bochur accused of calling an Israeli soldier “chardak” in the Botei Varsha section of Bnei Brak has a target on his back placed by the Israeli police.

Earlier this week, the boy was detained by police for what they called a “verbal assault” of the soldier in question.

Chardak is a pejorative term used by some to refer to chareidim who serve in the IDF.

The bochur in question is a student at Yeshiva Kneses Yitzchok in Chadeira.

Video of the incident, which can be seen below, shows the tumult that erupted after police were called to the scene following the name-calling. Police detained the boy for questioning and then released him, but he is set to be questioned further after the police contacted the boy’s mother and demanded that he come in to the police headquarters. The mother explained that her son is in yeshiva and only returns home once a month.

The police headed to the yeshiva to track down the bochur, but they could not locate him; fellow talmidim said he was at a nearby bais medrash. When the officers saw that they could not track him down, they turned to the yeshiva menahel, Rabbi Binyomin Birnbaum, and demanded that he get hold of the bochur for questioning.

Rabbi Birnbaum contacted a member of the city council of Bnei Brak, Moshe Malachi, for his help. Police insisted to Malachi that the boy be brought in for questioning.

In the end, it was agreed that the boy would be brought to the police station in Bnei Brak tomorrow at 11 a.m. for questioning. has learned that the boy will be accompanied by a lawyer, Mr. Shalom Ben Shabbat, tomorrow to represent him in the investigation.

“The Israeli police’s conduct, apparently due to political pressure, at this point indicates a loss of control,” said Ben Shabbat. “The resources that the Israeli police are devoting to this case of a minor suspected – at maximum – of calling a soldier a derogatory name exceeds all proportions. Apparently, some in the Israeli Police want to re-educate the chareidi community.”

Members of the Yerushalayim Faction say that the bochur denies the allegations and that the police just picked on him after being called down. He said that there were several youngsters waiting for a bus and one of them yelled at the soldier and then fled. When police came down, they assumed that he was the culprit and arrested him.

“He was not the one who shouted and he has no problem cooperating with the investigation as soon as possible,” said the individual. “He added that the arresting officer behaved with brutality.”


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  1. This was a set-up by the police. They were the provocateurs once again. It was the police who came davka there to stir up trouble, where there wasn’t any.

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. I guess living in the US we are accustomed to freedom of speech. Detaining someone for yelling at another person makes me very uneasy. On the other hand, they are promoting violence against frum soldiers, so perhaps it’s justified.

  3. What is this?What happened to free speech?Arabs insult Jews or scream for their death especially on Har Habeit and the police do nothing, but “chardak” warrants an arrest?

  4. not that i agree with it, but how can someone be prosecuted for yelling chardak or for shaming a soldiar… aren’t there free speech laws in Israel ( not talking about threatening or instigating violence)

  5. The IDF put their lives on the line for “everyone” in the country – including Chareidim. How dare anyone abuse an IDF soldier – and certainly a frum soldier. Lowlives

    • Every Jew in Israel puts their life on the line just walking down a street -religious Jews especially, as we are obviously Jewish and targets for terrorists.Unfortunately, the IDF is anti-religious and becoming even more so,if charedi soldiers don’t understand the threat of secularization from serving in the IDF,they are naive and should certainly understand where “chardak” is coming from.

  6. Torah is pleasant, but you aren’t.
    You aren’t guilty until proven so. Of curse he is hiding. He needs time for a competetn lawyer to protect him from the brutal Israeli police.

  7. Does the Torah promote free speech? Does the Torah promote or even permit harassing someone for joining the Israeli army?

    (IF you believe the answer to the above is yes please give clear sources. Not some boich svorah to be matir many issurey d’oyraisa)

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