Israeli Organizations Seek To Rescue Stranded Trekkers In Nepal


israel-hikers-nepal1In the aftermath of a blizzard and avalanche in the Annapurna mountain range, Nepalese authorities have confirmed the death of 43 people, including three Israelis. Michal Gili Charkesky, a 36-year-old Israeli woman from Givatayim, is still missing.

Israel-based Harel Insurance chartered a helicopter to rescue stranded Israeli trekkers. Nadav Khalifa, who has coordinated Harel’s efforts in the region, told Israel Hayom that his team “tried to rescue all the Israelis who were stranded at high elevations; we managed to bring them down with the helicopter, we rescued 40 on Friday and another 20 a day earlier.”

Professor Avraham Rivkind, head of the Shock Trauma Unit at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, treated the Israeli trekkers who arrived at the hospital.

“The majority of the patients suffer from frostbite and other related injuries; one was treated for fractures. … We expect a long recovery period, and only then will we be ready to assess the state of the internal organs,” Rivkind said.

The Israel Defense Forces and the Magen David Adom emergency services organization also dispatched relief teams to Nepal.


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  1. So they were being Michalel Shabbos and we’re supposed to get all bent out of shape for them? When these people make their Yirida Tiulim, they do so at their own risk. Don’t come crying now. And don’t waste Israeli tax dollars on them.

  2. Interesting. the IDF and others did NOTHING to help search for the “Chareidi” Bachur, Aaron Sofer, when he went missing at an “Israeli” local park.

  3. #2 -you are so wrong!!!!
    You do not know what you are talking about.
    Do a little research on the subject, and then “klop kaporos”.


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