Israeli Officials Unveil Brooklyn’s New “Western Wall”


brooklyn-koselIsraeli Public Affairs Minister Yuli Edelstein and El Al Israel Airlines CEO Eliezer Shkedi unveiled a new replica of the Kosel at the Jewish Children’s Museum in Brooklyn, N.Y., Thursday.

The massive replica serves as the centerpiece of the museum’s new 6,000-square-foot fourth-floor exhibit, “A Voyage Through Jewish History.” Visitors will be invited to write their prayers on a note and insert it into the wall just like in Yerushalayim; the notes will then be flown to Israel via El Al and placed in the actual Kosel. The exhibit will officially open on April 1.

“The Western Wall is a special place for us,” explained an early visitor, nine-year-old Nathen Cohen. “Here at the Jewish Children’s Museum, we can pretend that we are at the Wall in Jerusalem, even though we are thousands of miles away.”

The museum’s Land of Israel gallery will also offer visitors an opportunity to wander through a garden comprised of the seven species of produce used by the Torah to describe the Land’s greatness. The exhibits are accessible to all children, regardless of background or religion.

{ Newscenter}


  1. What’s next?
    maybe they should try a replica of Kriyas yamsuf so we can get some bizas hayom. Watch how many people will come running there.

  2. perfect trip for chol hamoed pesach & then get your kvittal flown to Israel

    BUT this might make it become a makom avoda zara (the new one in NY) ask your local rabbi

  3. the next step is make a replica of israel in — how about Rhode Island (not much doing there these days anyway ) or possibly uganda !!!!

  4. Well, maybe the kids will have some sechel and wonder what is up with the fake stuff and want to come for the real thing someday.


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