Israeli Officials Unite Against Arab MKs’ Visit to Terrorists’ Families


Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu and Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein said Thursday that they plan to file personal complaints with the Knesset’s Ethics Committee against Arab MKs Hanin Zoabi, Jamal Zahalka, and Basel Ghattas, who met with the families of late Palestinian terrorists earlier this week.

The lawmakers, who are from the Balad faction of the Knesset’s Joint Arab List party, met with the terrorists’ relatives on Feb. 2, one day before Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas held a similar meeting in Ramallah.

The Palestinian Ma’an News Agency reported that the meeting “observed a moment of silence in the memory of the shahids (martyrs)…and it was positive and relaxed,” adding that the main issue discussed was the families’ demand that Israel return the remains of 11 Palestinian terrorists killed during the current surge of violence.

“Israeli MKs who visit the families of terrorists who murdered Jews are not worthy of their Knesset seat. I have asked the Knesset speaker to see what actions can be taken against them over this disgrace,” Netanyahu said Thursday.

Edelstein said the meeting constituted “outright incitement and encouragement to commit murder. This meeting was a gross infringement against the Knesset and the State of Israel.”


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