Israeli Nuclear Expert: Iran Deal Could Make Things Worse


Dr. Ephraim Asculai, founder of Israel’s Negev Nuclear Research Center, has serious concerns that the nuclear deal with Iran could make things worse. “There is a huge amount of things it [the Iran deal] does not include. Relations between Iran and the world. Iran-Israel relations. Iranian missiles. Human rights. None of these things are covered,” he said.

“Despite what President Barack Obama has said, there is no ability to look at undeclared [nuclear sites].”

Additionally, the agreement “does not look at the actual developments of weapons – not nuclear material – but the weapons….The nuclear agreement postponed conflict by a number of years. But if conflict comes later, it will be much worse. Iran can do many hidden things.” Furthermore, claims that intelligence agencies “will know” if Iran transgresses the clauses of the deal are questionable, Asculai said.

David Steger – Israel


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