Israeli News Director: We’re Outnumbered by Palestinian Media


israel mediaOne reason some media coverage of the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza is slanted against Israel is the sheer number of Palestinian news agencies reporting on it, says Yifa Segal, joint director of the Tazpit News Agency in Yerushalayim.

“When you have nine Palestinian news agencies covering events, from Israel to the surrounding Palestinian areas, then you cannot be surprised this is the information that most of the world is receiving,” Segal said Tuesday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” on Newsmax TV.

Tazpit, Israel’s sole news agency, provides up-to-the-minute news reports about the Jewish state and offers coverage to foreign press organizations.

It’s the “first and only of its kind right now, and we’re on the ground. We have almost 200 people spread all over the ground, and we work with media outlets, we supply them with other angles of other stories – trying to provide the full picture,” Segal said.

“Everyone we work with is really grateful for the material because it’s really unique, it’s new, fresh and accurate . . . You have to make people understand that there’s another source of information [they] can use . . . Slowly and surely we’re getting there.”

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  1. Forget all the explanations and justifications for the media slant in the wrong direction, as well as the world opinion against Israel and us yidden. Let us remember HALACHA B’YADUA SH’EISAV SONEH L’YAAKOV. Nothing more, nothing less! That is Hashem’s plan for us all the way until yemos hamoshiach.

  2. Why do we focus and put our attention on the media? We have a “higher media”…and even though it may look black for us now…we know Hashem is with us through thick and thin..We don’t need “media” attention to focus on us. We need Hashem…and that’s where we need to focus.


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