Israeli Law Retroactively Legalizes Settlements


The Knesset approved a bill today that would retroactively legalize Israeli settlements on private “Palestinian property” in the West Bank.

The law, passed with a 60-52 vote, would apply to approximately 55 settlements throughout Israel’s West Bank and has been criticized by anti-Israel elements as an attempt by Israel to “annex” parts of “Palestinian” land.

The settlements, built on so-called “Palestinian property,” were previously illegal under Israeli law.

The law’s opponents, including members of the Knesset, called the law a “de facto annexation” of Palestinian land, and warned that it could make Israel liable for war crimes charges by the International Criminal Court, which is already investigating the legality of Israeli settlement efforts.

Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu initially opposed the law, then told lawmakers to put the law on hold until he discussed it with President Donald Trump later this month. Today, Netanyahu reversed his position, backing the bill. He said he had told the Trump administration of his decision in advance. Read more at THE FINANCIAL TIMES.

{ Israel News}


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