Israeli Jew Visits Holy Sites across Muslim World 

Russian-born Ben Tzion, 31, who became an Israeli citizen in 2014, posted photos and video on social media of his visits to holy sites across the Muslim world, including mosques in Iran, Lebanon, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, reports Raphael Ahren for Times of Israel.
Tzion stressed that he is coming as a friend and has respect for Islam and the Arab world. He insisted that an overwhelming majority of ordinary people he meets in person warmly embrace him.
{ Israel}


  1. and you are publishing this NOW, to add fuel to the flames?
    So the Arabs in Israel have more excuses to try to murder us?
    This is irresponsible journalism and an unnecessary provocation.

    • What this fellow is doing isn’t my cup of tea, but I don’t see the harm. He isn’t going around condemning other Jews and supporting terror groups (as a certain attention-seeking group does), per the article he’s just being friendly.

      • yes,but it is against the law for a non-Muslim to be in Mecca.If he had been found out, he would have been torn apart.Muslims are angry that a non-muslim, especially a Jew “desecrated” their holy places.

        • I certainly understand your concern, and any Jew must tread very carefully where there is a chance of causing problems for himself or others. He does say that he hasn’t gone to Mecca and has no plans to do so. Hopefully he does some good.

  2. I hope he does not go anywhere nonmuslims are requested to keep out (e.g. the mosque in the photo). If he goes respectfully and is received with welcome, I see no issue. Problem is it’s not always easy to anticipate if something may be misunderstood as provocation and from that, much damage can result. I hope he is getting prudent advice.

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