Israeli Hamodia Apologizes After Publishing Treife Recipe


hamodiaYediot Achronot reports that the weekend edition of the daily Hamodia in Israel recently featured a recipe for stir-fried chicken with noodles and vegetables that came with a recommendation to serve the fleishige dish with a large tablespoon of Feta cheese cubes in every plate. The mishap was in Hamodia‘s Habayit Shelanu (“Our Home”) section of recipes. 

Furious readers flooded the newspaper with letters and phone calls in protest.

“I am simply stunned. The spiritual committee that goes over every letter and line in the paper should have prevented this,” said one loyal reader quoted by Yediot.

Hamodia staff quickly published an apology from the Afikim Advertising company that is responsible for the recipes:  “The serving suggestion appearing in this recipe belongs to another recipe and was accidentally printed twice. We apologize for the mishap.”

{Yair Israel}



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