Israeli Government Closes Don’s Kever


The Israel Land Authority sealed the small building next to Beit Shemesh said to contain the kever of Don ben Yaakov. A court had ruled that the structure was unstable and dangerous.

Yisroel Eichler of UTJ, Chairman of the Committee for Public Complaints, appealed to Religious Affairs Minister Dovid Azoulai and other authorities to renovate the site without delay.

“The greatest danger of all is the court’s verdict,” he said. “Tomorrow, the judge may well determine that the Kosel is dangerous for the public. Such matters must not be delayed and allowed to become potentially devastating precedents.”

{ Israel News Bureau}



  1. So what happens if they reopen it due to the pressure and then someone gets hurt then who is to blame? If a structure is unsafe so let them close it , do the necessary renovations and reopen it. Why make a big deal?


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