Israeli Father Found Dead After His Daughter Was Rejected by School in Rechasim


candleRechasim, Israel – Hours after a father received the news that his daughter will not be accepted into a Bais Yaakov school, he was found dead in a park near the local shul in Rechasim in Northern Israel.

Last night, the levayah was held, with hordes of local residents participating. Sources indicated that the incident was directly related to the man’s daughter being rejected from the local school. Rabbi Yosef Gigi, a mechutan of the niftar, said, “The city askanim cannot say that ‘our hands did not spill this blood.’”

Rabbi Gigi added that “no one can enter the rooms of the niftar’s heart to know what the cause of his passing was, but the morning of his petirah he received the news that his daughter was not accepted to the school, adding fire to fire, causing great grief to him.”

The niftar wanted to enroll his daughter in the first grade at the local school, but was rejected. He was told to enroll his daughter in the Ohr Chodosh school, a Bais Yaakov primarily for baalei teshuvah and others on the path to teshuvah from more secular backgrounds. “It is not a regular chareidi school,” said Rabbi Gigi, “but that is where he was told to go.

“True, we are not able to determine how and why he did it, but his last phone call,” said Rabbi Gigi, “was to the Ministry of Education.”

A month ago, his son-in-law said, the niftar wanted to leave Rechasim and settle elsewhere because of problems getting his daughter into a school. “I’m not saying it is the absolute reason,” he explained, “but there is no one who can say that this did not create deep grief in his soul.”

According to the family, “this girl is the last daughter in the family and her father wanted to see her flourishing and thriving in school.

“During the funeral, people came up to me and thanked me for what I said,” said Rabbi Gigi, who added that he heard numerous additional stories of people being rejected from schools.

The local council issued a statement, saying, “We are shocked and mourn the unfortunate incident that occurred in the community and join in the grief of the family, who are important members of the community.” When news of the tragedy was shared with council head Rabbi Yitzchok Reich, he said that the various council departments would provide the family all the assistance they need.

As for the claims that the reason for the tragedy was the rejection of the girl by the local school, the local council said that they do not “get involved in the registering of students in the community schools, which are privately owned, and with the approval of the Ministry of Education we only intervene if a student has not been accepted into any schools whatsoever.”

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. If there were other contributing factors, what allows you to say the school’s rejection was the cause? Certainly it happened ‘after’ the rejection as the headline claims but who says cause and effect?

    Be that as it may I don’t want to belittle the education problems. All schools suffer from a lack of money and more participation from more sectors of yiddishkeit would solve a lot of shortcomings.

  2. It is so tough for parents who do not fit the cookie cut, to get their kids in schools that the disappointment has even contributed to a suicide r”l. How can we go into Rosh Hashana like this!!

  3. don’t blame the school system. The Sefardim have a different SHILCHAN URECH – they pasken like the Beis Yosef and the Askenazim pasken like the Remuh. So why do they want to learn in the Askenazi schools and mix up their kids…….

  4. As a parent, I can tell you that there is no worse feeling in the world than seeing a beloved, precious child hurt and being helpless to do anything about it.

  5. No matter how awful one’s situation is or how bad one might feel for a family member, please, please, please know how much worse it will be if you are not there for them. If you hurt yourself you are inflicting permanent hurt on the ones you love the most – I implore you not to do it.

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