Israeli Expert: Iran’s ‘Shahab-3 Nissile No Cause for Concern’


irans-shahab-3-missileWhile senior security establishment officials vehemently warn against the ramifications of a military strike in Iran, missile expert Uzi Rubin, who was on the team that developed the Arrow missile defense system, says there is no cause for concern.

Despite the Iranian Shahab-3 missiles’ precision, he explained, “A missile salvo from Iran will be intercepted in the air by Arrow missiles.

“Iran has between 300 and 400 Shahab-3 ground missiles that it can fire at Israel,” Rubin told Ynet, adding that the Iranians have managed to significantly improve the missile’s precision “from a marked target that could spread across a few kilometers to just a few hundred meters.”

This, Rubin noted, will enable them to potentially hit national infrastructures.

Last week, the Defense Ministry confirmed that “a prescheduled test of a rocket propulsion system was conducted out of the Palmachim Airbase,” but offered no further details.

Foreign media reports suggested that Israel might have tested its surface-to-surface Jericho missiles. The report was neither confirmed nor denied by the Defense Ministry.

In recent years, Israel has accelerated the development of the Arrow 3 missile defense system, designed to thwart long-range missiles. The advanced missile is slated to make its debut at the middle of next year.

{Ynet News/Matzav.coim Newscenter}


  1. Hopefully a “computer glitch” won’t cause the system to fail when a nuclear warhead is (ch”v) flying at Israel. Whoops!
    Worse than kochi v’otzem yodi; pure foolishness.


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