Israeli Doctors Save Palestinian 4-Year-Old


wolfson-medical-center-in-cholonMuath Abu Danash, 4, from Chevron, was brought to Wolfson Medical Center in Cholon for surgery this past week to enable him to live a normal life. He was diagnosed with a congenital anomaly of the pulmonary veins by Dr. Rula Awwad, a Palestinian pediatric cardiologist trained through Save A Child’s Heart (SACH) at Wolfson. SACH has provided a three-to-five year training program for over 100 physicians and nurses from around the world, including dozens of Palestinians.

To date, SACH has treated and saved the lives of 3,300 children from 48 countries. Half were Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza.

“We bring children because of their medical condition, not because of their family connection,” SACH Executive Director Simon Fisher said. “Whether it’s Hamas, Fatah or Islamic Jihad, it really doesn’t matter.”

In the room alongside Muath were five other children: from Gaza, Chevron, Ghana, Tanzania and Israel.

{ Israel News Bureau}


  1. Why do we do these surgeries, and why do we report them? Is it “mishum darchei shalom” with palestinian blood-thirsty murderers? Or is it so that the nations of the world see how good we are, so that those that hate us change their innate ways and suddenly begin loving Israel and Jews?

  2. No one is going to start loving us, believe me. and I think it is insane to save the lives of future stone-throwers and terrorists.


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