Israeli Defense Minister on Gaza Border Riots: Every Week There Are Fewer People, but More Terror Activity


“We are fighting an uncompromising battle here, and the other side must understand — there is a determined army here,” Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said on Friday during a visit to southern Israel, amid ongoing Hamas-orchestrated unrest on the Gaza border.

“Every week there are fewer people, but much more terror activity,” Lieberman said of the border riots.

“The people of Gaza should take their fate into their own hands and not be misled by Hamas,” Lieberman continued.

“I came here without a flak jacket,” Lieberman noted during his border tour. “I trust the IDF, just like everyone trusts the IDF. I look at the people here and see how everyone feels protected.”

Four Palestinian rioters were killed on the border on Friday, bringing the total death toll since the end of March to 35.

Rioters used catapults and slingshots to launch stones at IDF soldiers on Friday, and some brought wire cutters to try to breach the border fence, ignoring leaflets dropped by the Israeli military warning residents not to approach the frontier.

 Algemeiner Staff and Agencies



  1. We trust in Hashem. Please do not post this Koifers words. (He is know as very anti-religious.) Whoever is proud of his constant strong rhetoric needs a hashkafa check.


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