Israeli Couple Might Divorce Over Children’s Vaccinations


An argument between an Israeli husband and his wife over vaccinating their two small children, which was dragged into an ideological dispute, has now brought their marriage to the brink of a divorce, Ma’ariv reported this week. The husband demand that the children receive all the vaccinations but his wife objects, claiming that vaccines cause diseases, according to the Jewish Press.

The couple is well-to-do and highly educated: the husband is a senior engineer in one of the world’s largest high-tech companies, the wife is a high school teacher.

The husband turned to attorney Sarin Solan to ask the rabbinical court to hear from a medical expert to confirm that the children must receive vaccinations, the Jewish Press says. When the wife discovered that her husband is requesting a court order against her she decided to leave home. The rabbinical court will have to make a decision regarding the husband’s request to force the woman to vaccinate the children, or, alternatively, to approve the division of property following the wife’s divorce suit.

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  1. This unnamed Jewish Mess article is a fraud. Everything anonymous. This is just the Mess’ attempt to whip up hysteria because they have an agenda. Even if this is true, their marriage must of been on the rocks for a while. You don’t just have a happy marriage, loving relationship and suddenly you wake up one morning get into an argument about getting vaccinated and you immediately discuss divorce and already have a lawyer working on it! Fake phony news in a lame attempt by the Jewish Mess to attract attention to itself, to shout out, hey we’re still alive. Come waste your money on us.

    • Baseless conjecture. 1a : inference formed without any proof or evidence. b : a conclusion deduced by surmise or complete guesswork. Example: above post.

    • Items that are in demand and customers seek it does not have to be advertised. Items that are heavily advertised are no Rolls Royce.

  2. Time for a survey showing the results of the daily dosage of vaccination propaganda: How many have started vaccinating and how many left-the-fold and became anti-vaxxers?

      • Call them what you want. Since the outbreaks in Lakewood and Israel, people have been breaking the doors down to get vaccinated. Seems like when push came to shove, many anti-vaxxers chickened out and succumbed to the evils of vaccination.

        • Wishful thinking. Those who broke the doors down to get vaccinated were NOT anti-vaxxers but were lax in bringing the vaccinations up to date. I have yet to come across any anti-vaxxer in the world who changed their minds and never come across any anti-vaxxer commenters on any sites online who changed their minds.

          • Just as we thought. Many anti-vaxxers are unfortunately unable to change their opinions regardless of how many good arguments and despite the fact that all Gedolei Yisroel and all established doctors say you “must” vaccinate. I’m sure other anti-vaxxers have changed their minds once shown the logic. This despite some poster never meeting them.

  3. The issue here is: Is immunization ‘ Mila d’shmaya – thus the husband has the last word; or is it ( please dray the grubber finger now) Mila d’alma – this the wife has the last word.
    B”H this divorce is about holy, toiradik and very very serious halachic issues.

    • It doesn’t matter. The wife is ALWAYS right, no matter what the circumstances are. Yes, the righteous wife should throw out her evil husband. Women should always be in control of the divorce. All men are evil. All men are terrible fathers. All men are terrible husbands. All men are incompetent. All men have one track minds. The children should always be yanked away from the evil father and given to the righteous mother. No men should ever have any visitation rights.

  4. Happily married people don’t divorce over vaccinations or any single argument.

    These people are divorcing because the husband has no communication skills. If he can’t get his point across – he calls lawyers to force his wife to oblige!

    I wonder what other methods he uses to ‘force’ his wife to listen to him when he has a bad day??

    Seems abusive to me.

    Let them wait until the kids are 18 & will be able to decide for themselves what’s best for them. (assuming they don’t die of chickenpox first)

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