Israeli Company Spills 26,000 Gallons of Wine


At an impressive ceremony, the Barkan Winery at Chulda Kibbutz in central Israel spilt and disposed of 26,000 gallons of wine separated as terumah from the year’s production line.

After the recitation of a brocha, a faucet was opened, and to the accompaniment of an orchestra, 26,000 gallons were poured from the winery’s huge barrels containing 26 million gallons of wine.

The ceremony was followed by a seudas mitzvah.

{ Israel News}


  1. 26,000 gallons from 26 million is only 1/1000th. Shouldn’t they be giving a bit more than 1/100 (Terumas Maaaser plus a bit more for Teruma Gedola)?

  2. I’d love to come see the ants that live around there… they wait all year for this!!
    They can’t keep a straight line anymore…


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