Israeli Bochur Jailed in Europe


japanjailAn Israeli yeshiva student from Bnei Brak was arrested in Europe over Pesach and remains in prison. Askanim are working for his release.

The young man was arrested at an airport, raising concerns of a possible repeat of a case four years ago in which three yeshivabochurim were jailed in Japan for drug smuggling; the students in that case were unaware that the drugs were in their luggage.

An askan working for the bochur’s  release was quoted as saying that the current case is serious, “but not at the level of the Japan affair.”

{ Newscenter with reporting by Arutz Sheva}


  1. Q. “Why was he arrested?”

    A. [Taken from the Israeli newspapers] A 28 year old Israeli Yeshiva student was arrested on charges of fraud in the Amsterdam airport last Wednesday after officials at passport control noticed that alterations had been made to the date on old stamps of entrance in his passport.

    The student, who holds dual American and Israeli citizenship and was using an American passport, was returning to Israel when he was detained by the police.

    There is no secret about this. As I wrote above, it’s all over the Israeli newspapers and radio.

  2. we must daven and hope he will be relesed sooon we had enough since what happened in japan. what’s his name? i want to daven! only good news!


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