Israeli Balloons Carrying Hebrew Message ‘Unleashed’ on Saudi Arabia


hebrew-balloons-saudi-arabiaSeveral Israeli balloons bearing Hebrew words were discovered in Saudi Arabia by a picnicking resident, Arab news website Emirates 24/7 reported Tuesday, citing the Sabq newspaper.

The Saudi said he was out driving with his family in an area close to the northern town of Rafha when he saw the floating objects.

“The balloons carried writings in Hebrew… they are believed to have been unleashed during a festival in Israel and found their way into Saudi Arabia,” Sabq quoted the unnamed man as saying.

Translated to English, the message on the balloons reads, “To Gavriel, may you have a pleasant release. Bon voyage,” a typical greeting for an Israeli departing the army at the end of his service.

The distance from Israel to Rafha is approximately 1,500 miles and it is rare for balloons to travel so far.


{ Israel}


  1. I’m surprised they didn’t get the U.N. to condemn Israel claiming that they were spy drones or chemicals to poison the Saudis.
    They’re asleep at the wheel!


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