Israeli Bais Din Punishes Father for Son’s Refusal to Give a Get


In a first ruling of its kind, Israeli rabbinical authorities have taken away the passport of an American businessman and barred him from leaving Israel for more than a year, claiming he is responsible for his son’s refusal to grant his wife a get.

Ynet reports that the bais din said that the case in question is “one of the most difficult” it has faced in light of the dire situation of the wife, who suffered a stroke and became partially paralyzed shortly before requesting a get a decade ago. Their names have been barred from publication.

The wife suffered the stroke on a visit to Eretz Yisroel with her husband in 2005 and shortly thereafter the husband returned to the United States, where he remains, while his wife and their two children stayed in Israel and she became an Israeli citizen. The court says the husband has ignored her request and a court ruling for a divorce as well as another ruling demanding he pay alimony.

The father of the husband, who is in his late 60s, was in Israel last year on a family visit when he was summoned to the court, told to hand in his and his wife’s passports and barred from leaving the country. The bais din, Ynet says, argued that by providing his son with a job and stipend, the father was responsible for his son’s intransigence.

{ Israel News Bureau}



  1. What a misleading headline. It is utterly disrespectful of Bais Din. Here is what it should have said: Bais Din Punishes Father for Enabling Son to be Me’agen His Wife.
    By the way, the US constantly imprisons anyone caught providing material support to terrorists. Just like what this fellow is doing.

    • He is meshugah in the whole sense of the word. Both, the son and the father. They deserve to be thrown in jail, and she doesn’t need a get anyhow from this mehugenah monster.

      • Right, he’s crazy, so it’s a mekach taus. She doesn’t need a get, as she was never married to him. But he needs to give her a get, because he is still married to her. Yeah, it works. This is a special rule that we made against the horrible gender.

  2. Also, instead of having a picture of a beautiful ksuva, they ought to have a pair of hands with chains around them. That’s the real story.


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